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Deta Micros

Deploy scalable Node & Python apps in seconds.

Deta Base

Instantly useable database with a feature-rich API.

Deta Drive soon

Upload, host and serve images and files without worry.

Deta Access soon

Built-in permission management for easy sharing.

We're building the infra for productivity

If you are building an internal tool or an integration, the last thing you want to think about is to configure servers or manage yet another service, and worst of all re-implement login and permission management for the 100th time.

Deta Micros

$ ls
index.js  package.json
$ deta new
  "name": "express-app",
  "runtime": "nodejs",
  "endpoint": "https://vg34cj.deta.dev/",
  "http_auth": "enabled"
Successfully created a Deta Micro.

Deta Micros (short for Micro Servers) let you deploy your Node.js and Python apps in seconds. No need for Docker or YAML files. All you need is our tiny CLI.

🚀   Deploy in ~2 seconds*
📈   Highly scalable.
🔑   Built-in API-Key auth.
🌍    Free subdomain & SSL.
🧿   Debug live traffic with VISOR

We are working on more runtimes, let us know.

* Projects with dependencies take longer for the initial deploy.

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Deta Base

const Deta = require("deta")

// add your Project Key
const deta = new Deta("project key")
// name your DB
const db = deta.Base("humans")

// use it!
    name: "Geordi",
    title: "Chief Engineer",
    has_visor: true
// call inside an async function ;)
const geordi = await db.fetch({
    has_visor: true
from deta import Deta

# add your Project Key
deta = Deta("project key")
# name your DB
db = deta.Base("humans")

# use it!
    "name": "Geordi",
    "title": "Chief Engineer",
    "has_visor": True

geordi = db.fetch({
    "has_visor": True
curl --location --request PUT \ 
'https://database.deta.sh/v1/{project_id}/{db}/items' \
--header 'X-API-Key: mysecret_project_key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "items": [
            "name": "Geordi",
            "title": "Chief Engineer",
            "has_visor": true

Deta Base is a super easy to use production-grade NoSQL database. It supports complex queries and search.

☂️   Easy to use API.
🏁   Super fast (~8ms/write*)
📈   Highly scalable.
🙈   Encrypted at rest.

* Measured using the Python SDK on AWS in the same region.

Add a database to you project today.

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Many great ideas start with Deta

Small Apps and APIs

An internal tool, a micro SaaS, a simple CRM or maybe a stateful webhook/integration?

Side Projects & Experiments

Experiment freely with our free tier. Don't worry about getting hit by a $$$ bill from Big Cloud.

Hackathons & Education

The instant nature of our services makes it a great companion for hackathons and education.

Developers Using Deta

Samarth Jajoo

Maker of i-am.club

Sometimes I like a product so much that I'd write code myself to build on top of it, and make it better. Deta is one of them!

Sreeram Venkitesh

Maker of quarantineresu.me

What makes Deta stand out [...] is that it is built with developer and user experience as the first priority.

Ignacio Heredia

Maker of Eclipse Shooter

[The Deta CLI auto-deploy] looks magical.