Introducing Deta Base

An instant database for your small apps, side projects and experiments.

What do you get with Deta base?

💡 Instantly usable  Get a project key and code away!
⛱ Dev friendly libraries  Node.js, Python and HTTP API.
⛰ Production-grade  Encrypted, Scalable, Fast and Backed-up.
🌍 Long term commitment   You pay, we keep the lights on. Unlike Parse.

🍉 Early bird offer: Unlimited databases, 3GB storage & 30k ops/month for free!

Get started with Deta Base

const Deta = require("deta")

// add your Project Key
const deta = new Deta("project key")
// name your DB
const db = deta.Base("humans")

// use it!
    name: "Geordi",
    title: "Chief Engineer",
    has_visor: true
// call inside an async function ;)
const geordi = await db.fetch({
    has_visor: true
from deta import Deta

# add your Project Key
deta = Deta("project key")
# name your DB
db = deta.Base("humans")

# use it!
    "name": "Geordi",
    "title": "Chief Engineer",
    "has_visor": True

geordi = db.fetch({
    "has_visor": True
curl --location --request PUT \ 
'{project_id}/{db}/items' \
--header 'X-API-Key: mysecret_project_key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "items": [
            "name": "Geordi",
            "title": "Chief Engineer",
            "has_visor": true

In just 2 minutes, you could start storing data in your Deta Base. No servers or annoying YAML files.

Follow these few steps:

1. Signup
2. Install the desired language library
3. Use

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Many great ideas start with a Deta Base

Small Apps and APIs

An internal tool, a micro SaaS, a simple CRM or maybe a stateful webhook/integration?

Side Projects & Experiments

Experiment freely with unlimited databases. Don't worry about getting hit by a $$$ bill from AWS.

Hackathons & Education

Our DB's instant nature makes it a great companion for hackathon and schools teaching cloud tech.

"Base" is just the beginning

We've been working on many other services which we will launch gradually soon.

On our launch list:

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