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from fastapi import FastAPI

app = FastAPI()

def hello():
    return "Hello from my Deta Micro"
const express = require("express");

const app = express(); 

app.get("/", async (req, res) => {
  res.send("Hello from my Deta Micro")

module.exports = app;
$  deta new
$  Deploying ⠝
$  Successfully created a Deta Micro.


Deta Base is a super easy to use production-grade NoSQL database that comes with unlimited storage. Learn more →

  • ☂️   Easy to use API.
  • 🏁   Super fast & highly scalable.
  • 📈   Unlimited databases.
  • 👀   Graphical UI.
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from deta import Base

fleet = Base("fleet")  # name your Base

fleet.put({"name": "Geordi", "cto": True, "key": "1"})

fleet.get("1")  # get item by key

fleet.fetch()  # list all items

fleet.update({"name": "Geordi La Forge", "key": "1"})

const { Base } = require("deta");

const fleet = Base("fleet"); // name your Base

fleet.put({"name": "Geordi", "cto": True, "key": "1"})

fleet.get("1") // get item by key

fleet.fetch() // list all items

fleet.update({"name": "Geordi La Forge", "key": "1"})

package main

import (

d, err := deta.New()

// name your Base
fleet, err := base.New(d, "fleet")

// put an item in the Base
key, err := fleet.Put(&User{
	Key: "1",
	CTO: true,
	Name: "Geordi",
curl --location --request PUT \ 
'{project_id}/{db}/items' \
--header 'X-API-Key: mysecret_project_key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "items": [
            "name": "Geordi",
            "title": "Chief Engineer",
            "has_visor": true


The easy to use cloud storage solution by Deta – get 10GB for free. Learn more →

  • 🕶️   Easy to use API.
  • ⚡️   Super fast & highly scalable.
  • 💾   Unlimited drives.
  • 🎁   10GB per account for free.
  1. Get Started with Python →
  2. Get Started with Node.js →
from deta import Drive

files = Drive("invoices")  # name your Drive

files.put("invoice.pdf", path="./invoice.pdf")

files.get("invoice.pdf")  # get file by name

files.list()  # list all files in a drive

const { Drive } = require("deta");

const files = Drive("invoices"); // name your Drive

files.put("invoice.pdf", {path: "./invoice.pdf"});

files.get("invoice.pdf"); // get file by name

files.list(); // list all files in a drive

package main

import (

d, err := deta.New()

// name your Drive
files, err :=  drive.New(d, "files")

// put a file
name, err = files.Put(&drive.PutInput{
	Name:	        "hello.txt",
	Body:	        strings.NewReader("Hello"),
	ContentType:	"text/plain",
curl --location --request PUT \ 
'{id}/{dname}/files?name={name}' \
--header 'X-API-Key: mysecret_project_key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/octet-stream' \
--data-raw '--raw-bytes--'

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@detahq is bloody amazing! So smooth, so fast, painless.
Bye bye Heroku. Hello @detahq You guys are the best 🙌🤗
@detahq 开发体验真的很棒,用 fastapi 写接口 + 后端逻辑 。搭配 iOS 的捷径、 使用 @NotionHQ 做数据库,可以很方便地把日常数据收集起来。 低代码平台真是折腾派的福音,快速验证 idea 💡 很方便。免费额度也足够个人日常使用。 昨晚折腾了2小时上手 deta + fastapi,不到 50 行代码🥳
@detahq w/o the free-tier version of Deta, most of us wouldn't have been able to test out in the first place. e.g. @Oracle 19g has a free tier cloud version, but I haven't been able to use it, because it asks for a credit card transaction & everyone in my family uses a debit card.
Big thank you to the people behind @detahq. Deta is SO GREAT.
@detahq ik u have heard this a million times... But Deta is Gold for hobbyists!🌟
so @detahq looks like an incredibly dope product
Just want to support and spread the word about these guys! I love the idea of highly effective startup friendly #cloud infrastructure. #webapps #developers
Powerful tools I used for the first time for Frontend projects 💯👇 🖥️ Quickly make an API using @fastapi ⚡Deploy on @detahq #DEVCommunityIN #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode #API
Neat new option for deploying Datasette (and other ASGI and WSGI applications) - @detahq is a "micro cloud" hosting provider that runs Python or Node.js apps in sandboxes VMs with 128MB of RAM available for each execution……
@detahq running on app that builds on top of deta micro 🔥️🔥️🔥️🔥️
I just found @detahq and omg it looks awesome.
@mr_le_fox @detahq this looks like a great tool for my use case (simple as they come), have played around with it quickly and it has proved perfect with some interesting features - thanks
🆒The server(Deta Micros), database(Deta Base) and OSS(Deta Drive) all available, can't wait to dev!…
Tried building a simple Python app with FastAPI, including deploying to @detahq... so slick!! I am amazed.
Just stumbled into Deta recently and while I don't know how "everything is free forever" can possibly work out in the long run, what they have so far is really cool and I want to use it for something!…
Made my first Micro on @detahq Took about 10 minutes from installing the cli to having it deployed Awesome work guys🙌 and thanks @ayshptk for introducing me to deta😊
So I got a sneak peek of @detahq's next big thing thanks to @mxeust and oh boy is it exciting! Really glad and excited to see Deta stand out from other cloud providers and redefine how people use the cloud. Eagerly waiting for the release!
WHOA! I just checked them out! How can this be real??? Guys check out @detahq NOW! #100devs #100DaysOfCode If I'm dreaming y'all get a free slap to wake me up!…
Muito interessante esta opção para deploy de APIs em #python com #FastAPI…
@detahq is the best free tool I found to quickly launch digital products. We can host servers, run cron jobs, use their cloud database etc for free and without LIMITS. I used it for my project @growclout and I cannot recommend more #buildinpublic #indiehackers #100DaysOfCode pinta muy bueno. Cada vez es mejor el desarrollo de tus ideas y MVP's, todo sin gastar un kilo…
used Deta to host my little microservice easily for my college AR project which I had to make in 4 hours being a spoiled teen and starting work on submission day, thanks @detahq ❤️
What a nice thing @detahq is. I'm currently working on a project very close to my heart and I chose Deta as my go-to platform. So far I'm enjoying it!
Thanks to @detahq you can go to and change the text on my little OLED display I love how fast you can make stuff with Deta ♥
@dakmig @heroku @Zeet_Co @detahq @detahq ftw ended up using it. v easy to use with the cli
After playing around with it for a little while, @detahq really feels like Vercel or Netlify for the backend. Write a server and deploy in seconds. Even includes 2GB of database storage for free! If you just need the database, that's available too via node, Python, Go, HTTP
Built a small URL shortener on @detahq and it was supper easy. Here is the live app link : Source :…
You can do some pretty interesting stuff with @detahq Say you want to cache requests when using a public API or something, less than 100 lines of #python and you have a data micro you can do just that with, deployable in seconds... for free... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯…
🍏🎮✨ @__tosh built a site to check game compatibility & performance on the new M1 Macs — web app powered by @detahq…
this was basically to test @detahq but decided to make a segment. s/o to @detahq for such amazing deployment
Was able to deploy my first FastAPI Project to @detahq Both are amazing tools Special thanks to @JoshuaPoddoku #100DaysOfCode #fastapi #deta #30DaysOfCode #javascript #python
Really hope this service takes off 🙏🏽falling in love with it after only a little bit of poking around 😻…
@detahq Deta seems unreal to me 😅
这服务有点像后端版的vercel 试了下感觉还挺不错
hey @detahq made a crypto alert using your service. Thank you…
@detahq deta to the mooooon 🌚
I really love the Deta Drive. It's honestly so easy to use and I am currently using it with multer to build an image uploader for my web app. @detahq, you guys did a really good job!

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