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Sam Poder

Without Deta Space & Cloud, building Berowra would have been a massive pain in the neck.

Publishing on Space allowed me to act like I was building this app for one person; I didn't have to worry about authentication. With Deta Space, all I had to do was run deta deploy and the users of Berowra could update their app to use my new code.

User Name
Maximilian Schiller

This new approach to web apps with a "personal" cloud is really awesome and I think it has great potential! It's somewhat similar to self-hosting an application like with Nextcloud or Ghost, but with less stress and for the masses.

Deta Space is not only a huge time saver for me as a developer (as Deta Cloud already is), but it also offers a new and exciting way to install and use web applications as a user.

User Name

I like Deta Space because it makes developing web apps seamless, since you don’t need to worry about servers, databases, or authentication.

Meanwhile, the customer doesn‘t have to worry about their data getting into the wrong hands.

User Name
Mark MacKay
Method Draw

For years I've avoided creating user accounts and saving user data to the cloud because of the complexity and security implications of managing users.

With Deta Space, my users can now save, load and share images from Method Draw. As a developer, Deta Space allows me to provide these services stress free, with minimal additions to the codebase.

1 Click to millions
of users

Deta Space gives developers super powers – once you build your app on Deta Cloud, launch it to millions – wait for it – with a click.

No ops, no monitoring, nothing. Take a sip of your favorite drink and watch the numbers grow.

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Deta is standing behind you, fully.


Fully managed servers

App developers have an ops burden of zero, no matter how many users they get.


Fully managed security

App developers don't think about security and auth - each user gets their own sandboxed app with managed auth.


Fully managed data

App developers don't have to worry about user data/compliance.


Fully managed payments

App developers can earn money with their apps, activated in minutes (coming soon).

Powered by the
Personal Cloud

Deta Space is able to provide these benefits because it is what we call a 'personal cloud'.

On Deta Space, each user of an app gets their own personal app instance. This instance is powered by their own sandboxed server, file store and database(s).

With the personal cloud, we see a future with real time collaboration in apps, data backups and rollbacks, extensibility, alongside data that works across applications.